Google Data Studio template - Complete website overview (full screen)

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Google Data Studio template - Complete website overview (full screen)


This Google Data Studio template is built with the big screen in mind. The template provides a full website overview, based on Google Analytics and e-commerce data. But there is more! It also includes your favorite marketing channels like Google Ads, Youtube, and Search Console.

It is built for the big screen. For example, do you have a touch screen and want to display a dashboard? This is the template you need! An unused computer screen? A TV on the wall? You can make heads turn with this dashboard.

The template consists of a whopping 27 pages. It has a menu to navigate these pages. It also has a settings page where you can select data sources; for data-sensitive situations, there is even an option for a lock screen page.

The complete list of pages:

  1. Menu page
  2. Overview *
  3. Website content *
  4. Traffic sources *
  5. Conversions *
  6. Bounces *
  7. Errors *
  8. Search Console *
  9. Youtube Insights *
  10. Search Ads *
  11. Display Ads *
  12. E-commerce *
  13. Product Insights *
  14. Settings
  15. Lock screen

All pages with a * are actually two pages. On the first page, all data is compared to the previous year and on the second page, the data is compared to the previous period.

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